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Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT)
Accelerating the healthcare innovation cycle by facilitating collaboration among experts through the development and implementation of novel solutions to improve patient care
CIMIT accelerates the healthcare innovation cycle by facilitating collaboration among clinicians, healthcare managers, technologists, engineers and entrepreneurs through the development and implementation of novel products, services and procedures to improve patient care. LEARN MORE »

Our strategic initiatives focus on novel products, services and procedures to improve patient care:
» Warfighter Care / Soldier Medicine
» NeuroHealth
» Integrated Clinical Environments
» CIMIT Accelerator
» POCTRN Center in Primary Care
» Other initiatives and programs

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   NOTES: Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery
A novel approach to performing surgical procedures without making incisions on body's surface or scarring

NOTES utilizes flexible endoscopes through the mouth, anus or vagina to enter the abdominal, pelvic and thoracic cavities. By choosing NOTES in 2008, CIMIT is helping pioneer the next generation of innovation in MIS and is the world's single largest backer of this procedure.

   Label-Free Viral Detection for CD4
A portable CD4 cell counting system for HIV monitoring specifically designed for resource-poor markets and developing countries

Supported by a CIMIT Innovation Grant within its Biodetection and Sepsis Control Program, the Daktari CD4 brings this essential blood test to parts of the world where millions of people now have access to life-saving drugs, yet cannot receive the best treatment due to inadequate diagnostics.

   Aingeal: Low-Cost, Wireless Vitals Monitor
An affordable, small, wearable, wireless device that monitors vital signs of patients, with an emphasis on respiratory rate

Supported by a CIMIT Innovation Grant within its Clinical Systems Innovation (CSI) Program, Aingeal reduces false alarms, allows for more virtual dissemination of alarms and simplifies clinical workflow. CIMIT envisions this user driven innovative system to be in clinical use within 2 years.

learn more aBOUT csi PROGRAM »
Brightcove Tempate: A video player with overlay controls that appear on user rollover. Players using this template can be scaled to match the dimensions of video files.
   HanGenix Hand Hygiene Solution
A comprehensive solution based on an integrated system for monitoring, reminding and capturing hand hygiene compliance data

HanGenix, the first company spun out of the CIMIT Accelerator, is focused on reducing hospital-acquired infections (HAI) by installing a technology solution that automatically monitors hand hygiene stations, alerts workers if they have not cleaned their hands within patient care zones and documents their compliance.

learn more about HANGENIX & accelerator »
Brightcove Tempate: A video player with overlay controls that appear on user rollover. Players using this template can be scaled to match the dimensions of video files.
   Robopsy: Image-Guided Medical Robotics
A small, affordable tool that helps radiologists perform soft tissue probe insertions with greater speed and accuracy and reduced complications

Invented by an MIT 2.75 team led by CIMIT Investigator Rajiv Gupta, MD, robopsy adheres to a patient inside the CT bore. Guided by radiologists, it remotely grips, orients and inserts a standard biopsy needle, or other probe, while permitting simultaneous imaging of the needle location.

learn more ABOUT ROBOPSY & MIT 2.75 »
   APF: Ambulatory Practice of the Future
A new approach to patient-centric primary care medicine using teams, smart technology and innovative space and processes

As part of the CIMIT Integrated Clinical Environments Initiative (ICE), the MGH APF is an innovative learning lab functioning as a primary care clinic for employees and their spouses. This IT rich environment includes virtual visits and remote conferencing, consulting, scheduling and check-in.

learn more about apf & ice program »
   Closed-Loop Seizure Detection Device
A technique using machine learning algorithms to detect seizures and electromagnets to stimulate the vagus nerve to stop them

With the ultimate goal to remove unpredictability out of the equation for epilepsy patients, the CIMIT Neurotechnology Program is working on a system to detect and prevent seizures. An experimental hospital study at BIDMC using this new device has shown great promise.

learn more about neurotech program »
   COMETS: Combat Medic Training System
An interactive, full body trauma casualty system that reacts autonomously to an extensive range of situations

CIMIT's Simulation Program creates tools and environments where care providers can develop, test and refine patient care approaches. Projects like COMETS, emphasizing the unique needs of soldiers, allow them to practice in environments similar to where care will be given.

Learn more about simulation program »

Who We Are and What We Do

CIMIT is a non-profit consortium of Boston's leading teaching hospitals and universities with strategic international affiliations and government partnerships. Our in-house multidisciplinary team of full-time experts—Site Miners, Program Leaders, Facilitation Leaders and more—are skilled in all phases of the research process from innovation, through demonstration, into commercialization and into patient application.

We provide innovators with resources to revolutionize patient care:
» Foster collaboration to rapidly move ideas from bench to bedside.
» Facilitate complex process of introducing solutions into healthcare.
» Accelerate development and adoption of innovations into practice.
» Fund initiatives for improving care of military and civilian patients.


- Founded: 1998
- Member Institutions: 13
- Industry Partners: 60+
- Projects Funded: 550+
- Active Projects: 76
- Principal Investigators: 310+
- Peer-Reviewed Publications: 500+
- Invention Disclosures: 200+
- Patent Applications: 200+
- Patents Issued: 30+
- Licenses: 10+
- Companies Formed: 15+

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NEW VP2 Program
Learn how CIMIT is accelerating progress in the detection and treatment of vulnerable plaques and patients.
Vulnerable Plaque and Patients Program »

POCTRN in Primary Care Awards »
Pre-proposals due 3/7/16


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01/15/16: CIMIT Announces 2016 National Award Competition for the Point-of-Care Technology Research Network (POCTRN) in Primary Care »

09/15/15: “HemeChip” Wins $150,000 in the 2015 Student Healthcare Technology Prize »

09/24/14: “VitalFlo” Spirometer Technology Wins $150,000 in the 2014 CIMIT-MGH-APF Primary Healthcare Prize »

08/26/14: CIMIT CEO Dr. John Parrish Receives 2014 Distinguished Service Award from Department of Defense »

08/12/14: Commercialization Leadership from CIMIT Helps PharmaChk Receive $2M Grant»

06/03/14: Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation Day 2014 »

07/20/13: $300,000 in Prizes Awarded to Engineering Students for Innovations in Primary Healthcare »

05/17/13: Epilepsy Foundation Announces $100,000 “Shark Tank” Prize Winner For Most Innovative Idea For People With Seizures »

03/14/13: CIMIT Names 2013 Recipients of Young Clinician Research Awards »

02/01/13: The CBSC announces a national award competition to support the development of simulation inventions »

CIMIT Awarded $9.5M Five-Year Grant from NIBIB to Create POCTRN Center in Primary Care »


Consortium Institutions
» Beth Israel Deaconess
» Boston Children's Hospital
» Boston Medical Center
» Boston University
» Brigham & Women's Hospital
» Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
» Harvard Medical School
» Massachusetts General Hospital
» Mass. Institute of Technology
» Newton-Wellesley Hospital
» Northeastern University
» Partners HealthCare
» VA Boston Healthcare System

International Affiliates
» A*STAR (Singapore)
» MIMIT (Manchester, UK)

Government Partnerships
» Department of Defense

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