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In the mid-nineties, a few highly motivated Boston-area physicians and researchers became convinced that continuous advances in modern technology could, and should, deliver more cost-effective solutions for unmet needs in patient care. They had grown impatient with the length of time it took for new discoveries to be integrated into medical practice, particularly for medical instrumentation and devices that could clearly save lives.

Their collective experience suggested care could be better, and they agreed to try a novel collaboration across their various specialties with the ambitious goal of transforming important elements of patient care. Together, and with the support of the four founding institutions, they founded CIMIT, a new kind of consortium designed to accelerate the pace of research and development by leveraging technical expertise – from industry or academia – for targeted medical applications which would be defined in collaborations with other clinicians and colleagues.

Today, CIMIT is a vibrant community of highly motivated collaborators who meet to learn from each other and identify gaps in healthcare where known and emerging technologies could solve clinical problems. The technology-rich Boston-area community of medical-device companies and industrial laboratories provided additional leverage. By integrating talented and inquiring minds from academia, healthcare, engineering labs, scientific research and industry, together with superb medical and graduate students, CIMIT gives new meaning to the term “learning laboratory.”

CIMIT’s methodology involves convening experts from relevant disciplines, facilitating their interaction and sponsoring their collaborative initiatives to revolutionize patient care. A critical element in how the consortium identifies and connects clinical champions with scientists and technologies are CIMIT Site Miners.


CIMIT Site Miners

Site Miners are well-established professionals on the staff or faculty of the CIMIT Member Institutions (the "sites") and are aligned with CIMIT's vision. Through collaboration and facilitation, CIMIT takes new or adapted technologies and supports teams' efforts to assure that they overcome all the obstacles that typically interfere with translational work; taking innovation from bench to bedside.

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Founding Institutions




Draper Labs



Boston Medical Center

Boston University

Children's Hospital Boston

Harvard Medical School


Northeastern University

Veterans Administration

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