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CIMIT Career Development Awards

DESCRIPTION: Fellowship designed to support academic excellence, near term impact on patient care, interest and aptitude for innovation, and multidisciplinary collaboration.

ELIGIBILITY: Nominations open for early career Harvard Medical School Faculty such as Fellows and Junior Faculty via nomination.

STATUS: Not accepting fellowship nominations at this time.

General Information

CIMIT Career Development Awards allow an individual with established expertise in one medical or technical area to acquire knowledge in a second medical or technical area that will allow him/her to make unique subsequent interdisciplinary contributions. A mentor must be identified in the new area, and the applicant and the mentor must together present an educational curriculum to acquire the additional knowledge base, and also a description of the benefits likely to be enabled by this training. The applicant must commit to attending the CIMIT Forum on a regular basis, and participating in other CIMIT activities, such as the annual Innovation Congress.

The CIMIT Miles and Eleanor Shore Fellowship is awarded to an early career Harvard Medical School Faculty applicant who best represents the CIMIT values of academic excellence, near term impact on patient care, interest and aptitude for innovation, and multidisciplinary collaboration.

This fellowship is a Career Development Award and is open to early career Harvard Medical School Faculty applicants such as Fellows and Junior Faculty.

Review Criteria and Proposal Process

To learn about the review criteria and proposal process, click on the corresponding tab below.

  • Review Criteria
  • Proposal Process
Review Criteria

Applications will be evaluated for fit with the CIMIT mission, and

General Review Criteria:

  • Programmatic fit within an existing CIMIT program area, in the gaps between program areas or expand into a new area within the CIMIT Mission
  • Collaborative nature of the project (multidisciplinary/ inter-institutional)
  • High likelihood of rapid impact on patient care, with plans that  include early “prove-out” milestones.
  • Other established funding mechanisms are not appropriate or available as a funding source and CIMIT support (including facilitation support) is essential to its success.
  • Potential exit strategies for the project including future alternative funding sources, contacts with companies, licensing and venturing opportunities.

Specific Review Criteria:

  • Established expertise in a medical or technical area
  • An explicit plan for acquiring knowledge in a second area
  • Explanation of how that new knowledge will permit unique interdisciplinary contributions to medical device development or clinical practice.
  • An identified mentor with expertise in the new area
  • A curriculum jointly developed by the applicant and mentor to complete the curriculum by devoting the requested % FTE over a 1-year period
  • Next-stage development direction
Proposal Process

CIMIT is not accepting fellowship nominations at this time.
Review Process -- Science and CSI Award Applications

Applications for these grant categories require an approved pre-proposal, as described above, and must be received by March 16, 2008.  Expert peers on a confidential basis will review all Science and CSI full proposal applications.  Two panels will review each application (except for Small Science Grants):  first a panel selected by the US Army (which supports CIMIT), and then a CIMIT peer review panel.  The Army panel will be chosen by the Army for their expertise in CIMIT mission areas.  Steven Schachter, MD, will chair the CIMIT Science review panel and Ronald Newbower, PhD, will chair the CSI review panel.   Additional expert reviews may also be solicited.

Science and CSI applicants will be informed of review decisions by May 4, 2008.  Applications which are not selected for funding will either be rejected or returned to the applicant with the suggestion that the work be recast as a Career Development (CDA) or Other Grants, as described below, and submitted for the June 1, 2008 review process. 

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