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To improve patient care by facilitating collaboration among scientists, engineers and clinicians to catalyze the discovery, development and implementation of innovative technologies, emphasizing minimally invasive approaches.


CIMIT Statement on the Launching of the
Home Base Program
– a non-profit partnership between the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital

CIMIT welcomes the opportunity to participate in the Home Base Program, a novel public/private partnership aimed at helping veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Drawing on the power of ideas and the passion of our community to improve patient care, CIMIT Programs in TBI and PTSD will focus on uncovering new and improved treatment approaches for active military personnel and our nation’s veterans.

CIMIT is honored to facilitate the research efforts of the Home Base Program by collaborating with the Boston Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital, two world-class organizations. CIMIT is especially pleased to continue our work in coordination with the Department of Veterans Administration and Department of Defense on behalf of our service men and women.

"It takes tremendous courage for a veteran to step forward and ask for help. We must commit ourselves to helping veterans and their families as they return from war and in finding better ways to diagnose and treat the invisible injuries of TBI and PTSD. As a community, CIMIT will gather and synthesize a wealth of expertise and knowledge in pursuit of improved patient care."

John Parrish, MD
CIMIT Executive Director




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