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Strategic Initiative on NeuroHealth


The CIMIT NeuroHealth Strategic Initiative seeks to explore the multiple and often devastating challenges of brain diseases and injuries due to physical and psychological trauma, which cause significant suffering, morbidity and mortality to millions of civilians and wounded warriors and their families. Drawing on the collective expertise of its Boston-based consortium of premier teaching hospitals, universities and labs, the NeuroHealth collaboration aims to help CIMIT-supported doctors, scientists, and engineers work together to solve the unmet medical needs of those suffering from conditions such as brain (TBI) and spinal cord trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s Disease, addiction, depression, bipolar and schizophrenia disorders, and numerous other neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Boston ranks first in the nation in neurotechnology research, healthcare and education, and provides the innovation hub for researchers, technologists and clinicians to closely interact and collaborate on state-of-the-art approaches to model the underlying neurobiology, establish sensitive and specific diagnostic tests and biomarkers, and develop effective treatments and rehabilitation strategies to reduce and eventually eliminate the life-altering consequences of neurological and psychiatric diseases and conditions.

Watch Video: CIMIT Neurotechnology Program,
Closed-Loop Seizure Detection & Treatment System

View CIMIT-Funded Projects across the
Spectrum of NeuroHealth and the Pathway of Care Delivery
in the Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Functional Recovery of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases and Conditions:

» Neurotechnology Projects
» Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Neurotrauma Projects
» Traumatic Stress Disorders including PTSD Projects

Integration to
Improve Neurological
& Psychiatric Health

CIMIT Strategic Initiative on NeuroHealth

• Integrated patient care management from battlefield to home

• Integrated clinical environments - improving health care quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety

CIMIT Programs contributing to the NeuroHealth Initiative:

» Neurotechnology
» Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Neurotrauma
» Traumatic Stress Disorders including PTSD

Technology Platforms

• Neuroimaging
• Neurosignal analysis
• Optogenetics
• Non-invasive and direct brain stimulation
• Brain-computer interface
• Neural prostheses
• Blood-brain barrier disruption
• Combined drug-devices

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