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CIMIT has made a tremendous difference in our approach to the healthcare market and has been instrumental in helping us develop vital clinical and business partner relationships.

- Jeff Robbins
Founder and CEO, LiveData, Inc


CIMIT Engagement Program (CEP)

Collaborating with Industry, Foundations and Key Stakeholders
to Accelerate the Pace from Bench to Bedside


CIMIT encourages and facilitates the open, collaborative exchange of ideas between clinicians, researchers, engineers and industry leaders to rapidly benefit patient care. To aid in this mission, CIMIT engages companies, foundations and other stakeholders as collaborators with its Consortium Institutions and entire community to target, stimulate and accelerate the translation and implementation of innovative technologies across a broad range of patient-centric care environments. 

Specifically, the CIMIT Engagement Program (CEP) offers organizations a structured vehicle to help advance the CIMIT mission and engage in the strategic priorities of the growing CIMIT community.  The goal of the CEP is to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes by assisting organizations through CIMIT’s:

  • Platform & Process – Engaging the entire CIMIT Consortium of 13 world-class clinical and technology institutions through one vehicle to “Find, Fund and Facilitate” medical device and clinical systems innovations and innovators.
  • Programs – Participating as a part of the CIMIT Community and contributing to advance CIMIT Programs and Strategic Initiatives.
  • Projects – Collaborating on project-specific opportunities from the more than 500 CIMIT-funded projects to-date, ranging from exploratory ideas to commercialization efforts.
  • People – Interacting with a vibrant and growing global community of current and future thought leaders, innovators, facilitators, and world-class investigators via a variety of physical and virtual convening platforms.

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Participation in the CIMIT Engagement Program is by invitation and is on a non-exclusive basis.  There is no exchange of any confidential information, nor restrictions on an organization’s relationships with any of the CIMIT Consortium Institutions or members of the CIMIT Community. The CEP attracts and engages a powerful cross-section of health care stakeholders such as disease-specific foundations, healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy groups. Specifically, the CEP includes:

  • CIMIT Community Involvement – CEP participants will be invited to participate in activities and initiatives open to the CIMIT Community.
  • Engagement Facilitation – CIMIT will identify a single point of contact to help an organization guide its participation with CIMIT and the Community.
  • Convening Events – The opportunity to help design and participate in open and invitation-only events, including workshops, review sessions and programmatic planning meetings.
  • Catalyzed Collaborations – The opportunity for customized activities and project-specific collaborations.  Examples include innovation prizes, targeted fellowship or collaboration workshops as well as specific research and development initiatives.       

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For an annual fee, the CEP offers organizations a unique opportunity to engage in leading edge, patient-centric innovations and thematic initiatives. It also provides a vehicle to identify specific areas for more focused, potentially proprietary involvement. 

The annual CEP fee is based upon organization size:

$25,000 for Small Businesses or Individuals (< 500 employees) and $50,000 for Large Organizations (> 500 employees).

The CIMIT Engagement Program does not include any direct or implied endorsement, nor any support for or communication with materials management or other purchasing personnel at CIMIT Institutions or affiliates.
Other terms and conditions apply.

For more information, contact: John Collins, PhD


How CIMIT Engages the Private Sector

» Convenes public-private, multi-disciplinary collaborations to address important healthcare challenges.

» Establishes new collaborative relationships between CIMIT and
other mission-driven organizations.

» Accelerates the deployment of innovative technologies.

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