CIMIT is a network of world-class academic and medical institutions partnering with industry and government. Our mission is to foster collaboration among clinicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation and catalyze the discovery, development, and implementation of innovative healthcare technologies.

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Webinar: The Epidemiology of Omicron

On January 18, 2022, Dr. Bill Hanage will discuss the current knowledge of Omicron epidemiology based on observations from early outbreak areas. Read MoreAboutWebinar: The Epidemiology of Omicron »

Webinar: Overview of Long COVID

Jason Maley, MD discusses his work on recovery and long-term outcomes for patients and families after critical illness and COVID-19 Read MoreAboutWebinar: Overview of Long COVID »

Independent Test Assessment Program (ITAP)

To accelerate regulatory review and availability of high-quality, accurate, and reliable over-the-counter COVID-19 tests to the public.  Read MoreAboutIndependent Test Assessment Program (ITAP) »

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccines: How did we get here and where are we going?

Please join us as we review how the currently available COVID-19 vaccines were developed and the evaluation process that led to their emergency use authorizations. Read MoreAboutWebinar: COVID-19 Vaccines: How did we get here and where are we going? »

Up to 100K and Mentorship Available for Innovative Neurotechnologies

POCTRN at CIMIT seeks groundbreaking collaborative research projects in the early stages of translation to improve the diagnosis and/or treatment of disorders of the nervous system. Read MoreAboutUp to 100K and Mentorship Available for Innovative Neurotechnologies »

RADx Tech: A New Paradigm for MedTech Development

IEEE Special Issue highlighting the insights, lessons learned, and critical components of RADx Tech Read MoreAboutRADx Tech: A New Paradigm for MedTech Development »

Acceleration of Sustainable K-12 School Re-openings for In-person Learning

How testing can, and should, be integrated into school re-openings as the final step to build confidence in the safety of in-person learning Read MoreAboutAcceleration of Sustainable K-12 School Re-openings for In-person Learning »

The RADx Tech Process

Accelerating Innovation for COVID-19 Testing Read MoreAboutThe RADx Tech Process »

RADx Webinar: The Epidemiology of COVID-19

What can we learn from this pandemic and from past pandemics, like HIV, to help us turn the corner on this one and prepare for the next one? Read MoreAboutRADx Webinar: The Epidemiology of COVID-19 »


The calculator compares testing options and gives organizations the data they need to make informed decisions to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Read MoreAboutWhenToTest.org »

More CIMIT Headlines

A Surer Way to Diagnose Ear Infections

  • CRAASH Grads, Photonicare, have developed an imaging tool that it says may help better diagnose ear infections.

Space Health Institute Awards Grants to Three Innovative Small Companies

Turn Your Bathroom into a Medical Lab

CRAASH Barcelona: An Interview with John Collins

  • John Collins explains the benefits of the CRAASH program and the important lessons other innovation ecosystems can learn from Boston.

The Future of Treating ACL Tears: Less Invasive Surgery

  • Dr. Martha Murray has an idea for a less-invasive repair.

FitBit Buys Twine Health in a Bid to Become a More Serious Healthcare Tool

  • Fitbit announces plans to pickup Twine Health, a HIPPA-compliant, cloud-based health management platform.

Two Pharma Giants, Calif. Hospital to Use Boston Firm's 'Organ-on-a-chip'

  • Emulate Inc., which makes so-called organ-on-a-chip systems to test whether drugs are safe and effective, announced partnerships with Takeda, Roche, and Cedars-Sinai.