Transforming the Future of Medicine

Our initiatives offer an insider’s view of the future of medicine. We aim to foster entrepreneurial healthcare innovation focused on the areas of greatest opportunity for technology to make transformational change in the current paradigm of patient care.


Developing Point-of-Care Technologies with Clinical Applications


The goal of the Point Of Care Technology Research Network is to develop technologies with clinical applications using a network model that enhances complementary strengths and builds multidisciplinary partnerships.

To achieve this, each POCTRN Center performs or facilitates five core functions:

  • Conducts in-house clinical testing of prototype point-of-care devices
  • Collaborates with physical, biochemical and computational scientists, and engineers on exploratory technology development projects
  • Completes clinical needs assessments in areas anticipated to advance the field of point-of-care testing and disseminates this information to the technology development community
  • Provides training to technology developers on clinical issues related to the development of point-of-care devices
  • Provides an adequate administrative structure to ensure that the large complex Center achieves its goals

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