Accelerator - CIMIT MAIN

To find, fund, and facilitate new healthtech innovations

It is difficult to introduce an innovative medical device into the marketplace, and many clinicians do not have the business expertise to plan for the many stages involved in commercializing a new product. CIMIT's Accelerator was created to provide innovators with support and specialized expertise in intellectual property protection, patents and licensing, technology implementation, regulatory issues, fundraising, commercialization, and much more. Its benefits to entrepreneurs, academic hospitals and investors ultimately supports CIMIT's mission to rapidly improving patient care by facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration.

Accelerator Awards

Accelerator Awards support the facilitation and execution costs of projects that have the potential for commercial handoff in 12–18 months. This type of award helps projects commercially de-risk projects and establish proof-of-value. Accelerator Executives join teams and work closely with the institutional technology transfer offices to speed hand-off to industry. These awards provide a vital infusion of expertise and funds to support teams in driving a solution to a commercial exit where it will be advanced by financially motivated investors. This may be that the minimally viable product (MVP) is sold or a company takes the product through the final commercialization and regulatory approval stages.

Support available includes:

- Cash awards for product development and validation
- Expertise to help with commercialization challenges, such as business models, go-to-market plans, regulatory pathway, reimbursement, customer acquisition, etc.

Please contact Mike Dempsey for more information