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Lesson 3: Apply the "discipline" of healthcare innovation.

Each journey from defining an unmet need to establishing a thriving HealthTech company is different.  But, just as each ascent a mountain climber makes on a new peak is different, the underlying disciplines involved in preparation, planning, implementation and safely exiting are the same and can be learned.  The same is true in healthcare innovation.  In addition to being able to complete specific tasks (e.g. writing and delivering pitches, etc.) successful entrepreneurs learn the discipline of managing the journey – either from others who have done it successfully (e.g. mentors) or from their own mistakes.

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Navigating The HealthTech Innovation Cycle

The journey from identifying and articulating an important unmet medical need to developing an

innovative solution which becomes the standard of care is long and challenging, with most teams

failing somewhere along the way. The odds of successfully navigating the journey significantly

increase if teams have the experience and skills needed to anticipate and address challenges along

the way. However, for most HealthTech innovators, knowing the landscape and pitfalls to plan effectively

only comes from gaining experience through prior successes and/or failures – quite an inefficient process.

We believes that innovation in HealthTech is a learnable process. We have created a roadmap to help

budding entrepreneurs successfully navigate the journey by learning from and building on the experiences

of others.

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and

Bioengineering Point-of-Care Technology

Research Network: Advancing Precision Medicine

This paper describes the POCTRN and the three currently funded Centers as examples of academic-based

organizations that support  collaborations across disciplines, institutions, and geographic regions to

successfully drive innovative solutions from concept to patient care.

Healthcare Commercialization Programs: Improving

the Efficiency of Translating Healthcare Innovations

From Academia Into Practice

Healthcare commercialization programs (HCPs) are described and proposed as an option that institutions

can add to their portfolio to improve translational research. In helping teams translate specifc healthcare

innovations into practice, HCPs expand the skillset of investigators and enhance an institution's innovation

capacity. Lessons learned are shared from configuring and delivering HCPs, which build on the

fundamentals of the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps program, to address the unique

challenges in supporting healthcare innovations and innovators.