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Accelerating Healthtech Innovation

CIMIT is a network of world-class academic and medical institutions partnering with industry and government. Our mission is to foster collaboration among clinicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation and catalyze the discovery, development, and implementation of innovative healthcare technologies.



Vulnerable Plaque and Patient Program

Accelerating Progress in the Detection and Treatment of Vulnerable Plaques and Patients

CRAASH is a 10-week program that facilitates the acceleration of healthcare innovations emerging from academic labs into commercialization and clinical practice. It is delivered by industry veterans working in close collaboration with project team members.  It blends the decades of experience from CIMIT's pioneering work facilitating innovations and innovators with programs including the Coulter Foundation C3i Program and the NSF I-Corps Program as well as university based curricula from MIT, Yale, and others to deliver a program that addresses the unique challenges in healthcare commercialization.

The program get teams out of their comfort zone of the lab to conduct discovery interviews across key stakeholders to understand needs and test hypotheses, develop and validate value propositions and business models, define "killer" questions and experiments, and create pitches to target funders. Emphasis is placed on getting out of the lab to understand stakeholders needs, their problems to be solved and buying dynamics. Each week teams interact with a panel of experts by presenting and defending findings, attend lectures, and complete readings.






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