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The FDA has approved the first rapid hepatitis C virus test for the U.S. market that can be used in patient care settings. The test, which was validated in part by the NIH RADx Tech program with funding from CDC, can provide results in about one hour, meaning patients with a positive test can begin treatment right away. We're honored to have been a part of the journey behind this important milestone! 

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null RADx Tech DIVE Annoucement


Expanding diversity among healthcare innovators and biomedical engineers.

Do you have an innovative device, product, or technology currently in pursuit of funding or other technical resources? If so, apply to RADx® Tech DIVE. This unique fellowship program, supported by the NIBIB, will help you gain a clearer picture of your healthtech project's maturity, address key risks, and learn the next steps to secure funding.

24 fellows, and their teams, will be selected to join this educational program uniquely designed to support innovators from populations historically underrepresented in the biotech research space.

At the conclusion of the course, four fellows will be recognized with a prize of up to $7,500 to help support future endeavors.

The deadline has passed to apply for this opportunity.

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