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null RADx Tech Webinar Series: A Year of RADx Tech

RADx Tech Webinar Series: A Year of RADx Tech

Please join us as we recognize the accomplishments of this past year's RADx Tech program. This webinar will highlight some of unprecedented work that made the program a success as described in the IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology special issue.

Steven Schachter, MD
RADx Chief


The authors of each paper will present 2-3 minute highlights of their important work:

  • RADx Tech: A New Paradigm for MedTech Development 
  • The Role of CoLab and GAITS in Enabling the RADx Tech Program
  • RADx Tech Viability and Steering Panels: A Model for MedTech Translational Grant Review
  • The RADx Tech Deep Dive and Work Package 1 Process
  • The Clinical Review Committee: Impact of the development of in vitro diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2 within RADx Tech
  • The RADx Tech Test Verification Core and the ACME POCT in the Evaluation of COVID-19 Testing Devices: A Model for Progress and Change
  • The RADx Tech Clinical Studies Core: A Model for Academic Based Clinical Studies
  • The RADx Tech Deployment Core: A Model for Academic/Government Based Support of Large-Scale Manufacturing and Implementation of Medical Technologies
  • Biomedical Engineering Professional Skills Development: The RADx Tech Impact on Graduates and Faculty

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