Successes - CIMIT MAIN


Proven Success

CIMIT has been accelerating healthcare innovation for over 20 years. We have supported the development of over 250 solutions to important unmet needs, including over 600 peer-reviewed and facilitated collaborative projects. This collection of projects has been an invaluable resource to study the innovation process itself and learn from experience. We have outlined these findings in our Clinical Impact Study.

Our accomplishments show that building and operating an efficient virtual infrastructure enables a network of world-class groups to collaborate effectively and create significantly more value than could be achieved by operating alone. Success in commercializing medical innovations creates a virtuous cycle by stimulating more investment and attracting more innovators allowing for the sustainable growth of a healthcare ecosystem.

Commercial Portfolio

78 of the innovative solutions we have supported over the years have made a "commercial exit" and have moved to the point that a commercial partner is advancing these solutions into use.