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A national "center-without-walls" for rapid transformation of emerging point-of-care technologies into commercially viable, clinically focused solutions for improving primary healthcare.

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2016 Call for Proposals

The 2016 national call is for breakthrough, disruptive innovations that transform the quality, efficiency, and/or patient /provider experience in the clinic or in the home while reducing the cost of care.

The POCTRC in primary care is receptive to proposals from industry applicants with pre-commercial or commercially available devices that have not been optimized for primary care. The application must detail the limitations of the currently available systems relative to use in primary care and describe how the proposed approach overcomes these limitations.

Preference will be given to late stage development efforts where the innovation is likely to be introduced into clinical practice within 18-24 months.


Open to academic, engineering, research and development laboratories in the United States. Qualified small businesses may also apply. We encourage collaboration with investigators within the CIMIT consortium.

2016 Application Process

POCTRC Award applications are solicited and evaluated in two stages. Applicants may submit pre-proposals which will undergo review. A subset of the applicants who submitted pre-proposals will be invited to submit full proposals.

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The Medica Conference: A Look into Medical Innovation Outside the US

This past November, I attended MEDICA, the largest medical trade fair in the world held in Dusseldorf, Germany. This year there were over 130,000 attendees and just short of 5,000 different companies exhibiting everything from bedpans to MRI machines across 19 different convention centers. The show was huge and refreshingly “non-US centric”; while many of the big multinationals had their two story booths complete with cappuccino machines, there were thousands of smaller companies with interesting and innovative ventures adding fresh perspectives to the healthcare space.

Two of the 19 convention halls were dedicated to laboratory testing  and within these two halls were companies offering Point-Of-Care Technology (POCT) solutions. One might assume that POCT solutions would be embraced even more so outside the US where there are more healthcare systems driven by cost and performance. This was not evident in my opinion. In general, it seemed as though many of the companies offering POCT solutions were viewed as “add-ons” to larger central lab focused offerings.

There were a few larger, well-known companies at the trade show who focused solely on POCT solutions. It appeared as if it might be difficult for smaller POCT-only companies to compete against those with bigger, “full service” offerings. The large companies have the luxury to easily say something like, “Sure, we’re working on that particular POCT measurement, just wait a few more (months, years….) and we’ll bring it out.” This effectively draws out the sales cycle for smaller companies and makes it more difficult for them to generate the significant sales they need to remain competitive in the short-term.

Anyone interested in medical innovation should make a habit of visiting MEDICA every couple of years to see what’s going on outside the US. There is no better trade fair that will give the full view of the worlds most leading edge medical and POCT solutions.

- Mike Dempsey, Entrepreneur-in-residence, CIMIT

Date: 03 Dec 2015
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