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Building Successful Solutions

How it works

The iCi progresses in 3 stages that work toward efficiently accelerating successful dual-benefit injury care solutions.

Outreach and Awareness
Commercialization Readiness
Accelerator Awards

Stage 1: Engagement

Outreach to civilian and military trauma/injury-care innovators, entrepreneurial, and business communities to increase awareness of the initiative and priorities for injured warfighters, help build collaborations, and generate Expressions of Interest (“EoI”) in participating.

Activities inlcude:

  • Injury-care forums, both in-person and online, to engage communities.
  • Private workshops to advance specific topics.
  • Online discussions to surface issues and frame opportunities.
  • Commissioned studies to help understand and overcome the barriers to help the private and military sectors succeed with projects.
  • Support teams for strengthening and/or creating collaborations for EoIs.

Stage 2: Commercialization Readiness

We will work directly with innovators/teams that submit EoIs to determine how this initiative can best support them. Teams submitting EoI’s are not expected to have all the answers. A CIMIT Executive will screen the EoI and help determine next steps.

Next steps may include:

  • Feedback on the fit, strength and gaps of the EoI.
  • A nominal budget to participate in a CIMIT CRAASH Course.
  • Up to $150k in seed funding to help validate a solution’s commercialization potential.
  • Assistance in charting a robust impact and go-to-market plan for an Accelerator Award.

Stage 3: Accelerator Awards

Teams that have submitted an EoI and passed the initial screen are eligible to apply for an Accelerator Award.

These awards provide a vital infusion of expertise and funds to support teams in driving a solution to a commercial exit where it will be advanced by financially motivated investors. This may be that the minimally viable product (MVP) is sold or a company takes the product through the final commercialization and regulatory approval stages.

Support available includes:

  • Up to $1M in cash for product development and validation
  • Expertise to help with commercialization challenges, such as business models, go-to-market plans, regulatory pathway, reimbursement, customer acquisition, etc.