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Continuing to Improve Warfighter and Civilian Health Outcomes

Having served as a battlefield surgeon during the Vietnam War, John Parrish, MD and CIMIT CEO, is acutely aware of the needs of soldiers and their supportive medical units. This deep, first hand knowledge helps CIMIT more efficiently support efforts to develop technology that can be brought to both the front lines of military and civilian care — through research, collaboration, and teamwork.

In our early days, CIMIT made great strides moving forward leading-edge projects with our Simulation, Clinical Systems Innovation, Integrated Clinical Environments, and Neurohealth initiatives. Since that time, we have become a national leader in new systems for patient safety, caregiver training, and systems designed to deliver care in the most appropriate and efficient setting.

Today, we continue this commitment as we lauch new initiatives focused on finding, creating, and rapidly introducing dual-benefit innovations that improve trauma care of both warfighters and civilians.