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null Best Practices Resource for Developing COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

Best Practices Resource for Developing COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

NIBIB’s RADx® Tech program, along with its collaborators, is working to develop at-home diagnostic tests for COVID-19 that are accessible to everyone. The initial focus has been on meaningfully improving access for those with no or low vision, people with reduced dexterity or motor skills, and those who are aging. 

Throughout this effort, information gathered from end-users, developers, and experts was used to draft a best practices resource to help improve device design and create more accessible tests. 

An abridged version of Best Practices for the Design of Accessible COVID-19 Home Tests, released in 2022, included a limited set of topics. This 2023 publication, which replaces the abridged version, significantly expands upon the previous resource, and strives to facilitate complete solutions from product acquisition through results & disposal.

While this resource is aimed at best practices for the design of COVID-19 home tests, many of these ergonomic and accessible design recommendations are transferable to home tests for other conditions and diseases.  And while this initiative has concentrated on improvements that will improve access for people with disabilities, many of these recommendations will increase ease-of-use for all users. 


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