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We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected as one of the first spokes of the ARPA-H Investor Catalyst Hub network!

We are excited to be a part of this nationwide network dedicated to accelerating groundbreaking advances in science and medicine—all in pursuit of better health outcomes for everyone.

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null Solicitation 2024 Annoucement

POCTRN Unveils Six New Funding Opportunities to Propel Point-of-Care Technologies

In a stride towards fostering groundbreaking advancements in healthcare technology, the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering's Point-of-Care Technologies Research Network (NIBIB's POCTRN) program announces six exciting new funding opportunities. 

POCTRN is actively seeking applications from both academic and industry innovators who are spearheading transformative developments in point-of-care technologies. This call for applications encompasses a diverse range of areas, including but not limited to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), cancer detection, emerging infectious diseases in low-resource settings, and addressing challenges related to heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders. 

Each center offers unique awards, with the potential for funding reaching up to $150,000. Successful applicants may also receive 12 months of in-kind support services. 

To learn more about this opportunity and understand the application process, visit our website. 

The deadline for this opportunity has passed. 

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As an early pioneer in managing translational research, CIMIT has directly supported over 1,200 innovator teams and reviewed or consulted on over 5,000 ideas since our founding in 1998.

We work collaboratively with healthtech innovators, entrepreneurs, and institutions to ultimately make a positive impact on patient care across the globe. We streamline pathways to progress through our efficient processes, established systems, and unparalleled market expertise.