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null Webinar: RADx Tech Accessible Tests Program Best Practices

Webinar: RADx Tech Accessible Tests Program - Best Practices

Since the Spring of 2022, RADx Tech has been working to make COVID-19 home tests more accessible (our previous webinar addressed these efforts). During this work, the team has also captured what we've learned (from knowledgeable evaluators, designers, SMEs and vendors in the field) in a best practices document. While a comprehensive document is anticipated this Spring, an early edition of these best practices, with insights so far, was published in December, with support from NIH, on the US Access Board website site. While it is based on COVID test development, we hope it will have future applications across the field of home test design.

Brian Walsh 
RADx Tech Accessibility Program Manager, Deployment Core Team Lead

Clair O’Donovan, PhD
RADx Tech Team Leader

John Blackwood
RADx Team Leader

February 28th, 2023

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