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null Preventing Innovators From Falling At The Next Hurdle

Preventing Innovators From Falling At The Next Hurdle

Jorge‑Fernandez Garcia, EIT Health Director of Innovation, and John Collins, Chief Operating Officer of CIMIT, discuss approaches that can lead to successful healthcare innovation

Innovation has the potential to change the face of Europe. It has the potential to improve the way we live, the way we plan for the future, and the way we thrive as a continent (both politically and economically). In order to innovate effectively, however, crucial building blocks must be in place.

EIT Health seeks to contribute towards a stronger health ecosystem in Europe by overcoming fragmentation, increasing efficiency and breaking down barriers to innovation in healthcare. What does this mean? It means that all parts of the innovation puzzle should work together effectively, across borders. In Europe, there are often barriers to this vision of cooperation: we don’t speak the same languages (literally and figuratively), each country has their own individual health systems, and we can often be quite locally-minded, so that innovation isn’t easily shared across the continent. We need to overcome this fragmentation if we want to address the challenges that exist, increase efficiency and break down barriers. While we seek to develop a unified, efficient system, we also must support individual innovators in navigating the current fragmentation.