Blueprint MedTech Incubator Hub Program

NIH Blueprint MedTech has funded two Incubator Hubs, NeuroTech Harbor (NTH) and CINTA (Center for Innovative NeuroTech Advancement), to solicit, evaluate, and oversee technology development projects. The Hubs will provide direct funding and in-kind resources to innovator teams to develop and de-risk these groundbreaking technologies to the point where additional investments are warranted from industry partners, investors, and government. The Hubs will post solicitations each year to the Blueprint Neurotech website.

Two kinds of awards may be issued for applications submitted to this solicitation.

  • Optimizer awards will rarely exceed $500,000 in direct costs per year for a period of up to 4 years. In addition to monetary support, awardees will receive mentoring and resources and support services necessary for translation will be available as outlined above.
  • Seedling awards provide support for six months, a $25,000 stipend, and $25,000 to hire subject matter experts. Mentors will work with awardees throughout the project to help resolve specifically identified gap(s) on the path to commercialization.

U54EB033650: About CINTA (Center for Innovative NeuroTech Advancement)

CINTA is a program of the Cimit, an organization that works alongside groups dedicated to advancing groundbreaking solutions by delivering the expertise needed every step of the way.

U54EB033664: About NeuroTech Harbor (NTH)

NeuroTech Harbor’s mission is to support the development of real-world solutions to alleviate human suffering from neurological conditions.  This is made possible through a partnership between Johns Hopkins University and Howard University, and a new NIH Initiative that commits to equitech-based values of inclusivity, equity and accessibility in all its endeavors.

By the conclusion of CINTA or NTH funding, it is anticipated that all projects will be ready for entry into the companion Translator solicitations from NIH: