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Blueprint MedTech Winter Award Competition

CIMIT’s CINTA and NeuroTech Harbor, through the NIH Blueprint MedTech program, are now accepting pre-proposals from academic and industry applicants who have emerging preventative, therapeutic, or diagnostic medical devices focused on disorders of the nervous system. 

Pre-proposals are due February 29, 2024.

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Equitech and Inclusive Innovation: A Fireside Chat Series

Equitech is the principle that diversity of teams, leadership, and perspectives is a force multiplier that fuels inclusive technology innovation. A key corollary of this principle is that a more inclusive innovation space is likely to produce solutions that are more equitable and accessible to all communities, especially the underserved.

Co-hosted by CIMIT's CINTA and NeuroTech Harbor, through the NIH's Blueprint MedTech program.

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Tech incubator centers award initial cycle of funding for device developers

Within one year of launching its incubator hubs, the National Institutes of Health Blueprint MedTech program has issued nine awards in its first competition cycle. The MedTech program seeks to accelerate transformative medical devices to restore brain health, improve healthy aging and treat disorders of the nervous system. The first round of these awards totals $11 million.